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Corporate Concierge

Are you a Human Resources Specialist looking for ways to maximize employee retention and productivity? Are you a leader watching your staff buckle under the weight of other commitments and fearing you may loose a highly trained and valued employee? Are you looking for a “carrot” in a highly competitive recruitment market? Do you care about your employees work life balance?

A corporate concierge is the answer!


Whether you are looking to recruit staff, increase employee retention, improve the bottom line or enhance the compensation bundle, we can create a corporate concierge package suitable to your needs.

With cell phones and email, the norm in today’s business world, demanding more and more attention from management, corporations realize that an employee's work life balance and quality of personal time must increase as well.

71% of CEO’s in a study anticipate problems retaining skilled workers.
(Source: Human Resources Development Canada)


Corporate Benefits

  • Minimum lost time on the job for personal issues

  • Easy to use errand service for ‘one stop shopping’

  • Increased productivity

  • Minimum use of support staff for personal issues

  • Immediate return on your investment

  • Work life balance issue addressed

  • Improved employee retention

“From a personal perspective, it frees me up. In a corporate sense, it affects the bottom line because when you calculate how many hours you need to do all those things and multiply them by the number of executives in a company, it’s costly.”

The average direct cost of employee absenteeism in
Canada is now $3,550 per employee per year.
(Source: Watson Wyatt Web site)

Our monthly retainer fee and hourly expense cost can be constructed to meet the needs of your organization. Call or email us today!

The following tasks are a sample of the essential things that need to be done in everyone's life...they just do not necessarily need to be done by the individual himself. Our Corporate concierges know the best people for the job and at the best prices for you. If you are moving to Montreal then you should consider our Montreal relocation service.

Auto Maintenance

  • Tire Purchase
  • Oil Changes
  • Repairs
  • Interior Cleaning

Home Repairs

  • Obtain quotes
  • Painters
  • Landscapers
  • Plumbers
  • Tree Removal


  • Household errands/ to do lists
  • Birthday/ Anniversary
  • Items around the home
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Concert, theatre and sports tickets


  • Vacation planning
  • Auctions
  • Animal related
  • School projects